Blessy Man

blessy man, a multidisciplinary artist (

“blessy man (b.1993, hong kong) is a multidisciplinary artist. graduated at savannah college of art and design (SCAD) in spring 2015. she studied in painting in both hong kong and savannah campuses. influenced by the arts and crafts movement, abstraction and impressionism, man’s work is delicate and semi-abstraction: her illustrational painting mix with playful passages of ephemeral space and elusive subjects; and her 3doodler installations are structural and in fine-details. while she paints, she often depicts botanic and urban forms cast in sunlight, and sets these elements against a backdrop of repeating pattern wallpaper. to her, making artwork is a powerful method of communication with a wide range of audience.” – blessy

“the dilemma of bontany garden”

–  is a series of artworks which were created in 2014 and 2016, and each backdrop pattern from the drawings are inspired by the english textile designer william morris (1834-1896).

several still life objects are purposely laid on top of the backdrop to pack up the audiences’ attention. combining the unfinished still life on top of the wallpaper, the work attempts to associate the contemporary art approach with the arts and crafts movement.

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