LAM jewelry

founder & artisan: jenny lam

brand: LAM jewelry Jenjenlamlam

“jenny lam, born and live in hong kong until she was relocated to beijing in 2001. she was major is marketing and BA in undergraduate study but her passion in art and design has brought her to jewelry making.

in 2013, she learned metalsmith with a jewelry making master in shanghai. she also took courses in new techniques include filigree, metal knitting with prof. norman cherry, creative wet felting with lucyna opala, and have attended a 6-month part time workshop at shanghai university.

jenny is now full time on her own jewelry brand “LAM jewelry”, her vision is to express her idea through jewelry, and turn every wearer into a part of the art.

the third eye is LAM’s hidden treasure, it opens wide to imagination and creativity, it makes intriguing discoveries sometimes and it sees beauty in everything. it is our vision to turn an idea into an art piece for your body that can stand the test of time. all creations at LAM jewelry is designed by jenny and handmade with limited quantity only.”

“outofabottle paradox” collection is created to remind us the excessive use of plastic bottles. paradox is dedicated to nature which is now being damaged by the overwhelming plastic gabbage.

by applying the heat shaping technique jenny learned from a taiwan flower making artist yu ying, the recycled PET bottles are turned into beautiful flowers. with almost 2 years of refinement in design and technique, ‘outofabottle’ has become one of the signature collections of LAM jewelry.” – jenny

— 1st showcase in oct 2018 —

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— 2nd showcase in oct 2020 —