Lin One Jung

amateur artist: lin one jung (IG: @uno_anjo)

lin one jung is a hong kong local artist who focuses on several media, mainly on watercolours. her work subjects are often travel-related / landscape, architecture, portraits, etc. whereas her original artwork revolves around observations from people in daily lives. she strives to create spatiality and perspective in her work.


“Tibet had always been that place so far-fetched and ancient. it is foreign yet familiar, mentioned in novels, history lessons and news. by chance i got to join a dear friend to embark on the journey to his mysterious land in 2019.

although i was just a one-time tourist, Tibet has leftan everlasting mark on my mind. it is a beautiful land with every landscape imaginable. i don’t need to be religious to be in awe of its religious culture upheld by generations of Tibetans. despite adversities and poverty, its spirit is survived by the resilient locals who are also one of the friendliest people i’ve met.” – @uno_anjo


“go to sleep…

i’ve been hearing that since i was a child.

always have insomnia, something to do with a hyperactive brain that cannot be shut down.

when i close my eyes i would see a universe at the back of my eyelids, lights and colours dancing around.

so i painted them.” – @uno_anjo