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jennie yu, an artist (

“Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jennie Yu graduated with a BA degree in Art from Augustana University. Her practice consists of figurative paintings and drawings that reflect human nature and emotions, especially in young children, as she regularly interacts with children as an art instructor and at church.

“For as long as I can remember, I connect to and interact with the surrounding world through my artistic interpretations of different characters and variable emotions of the beings, as they define uniqueness of the subject matter and confirm the reality of their existence. My artwork is and will always be based on the realization and fascination with this idea.

These drawings reflect the simplicity I yearn for and have found in my life through the form of children portrait. I want to challenge viewers to realize such sensitivity and meticulousness within a small piece of work. In real life, children have revealed their vigorous minds behind their gentle and quiet looks. Dewy-eyed, they listen, observe, and reflect, exquisitely and gracefully even when they are sound asleep. I believe it is by seeking harmony and balance in a simplistic image that viewers may restore whilst reminiscing the quietness that is lost in this chaotic world. ”” – jennie


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